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 Religious Buildings Before The Reformation 
 Many churches are detailed at About Bristol 
Map of Mediaeval Churches
 Within the Walls   Outside the Walls 
 a - St Giles
 b - St Lawrence
 c - St John
 d - St Werburgh
 e - St Ewen
 f - Christ Church
 g - All Saints
 h - St Mary-le-Port
 i - St Peter
 j - St Leonard
 k - St Nicholas
 l - St Stephen
 A - St Michael
 B - St Mary Magdalen Nunnery
 C - Franciscan Friary
 D - St James' Priory
 E - St Bartholomew's Hospital
 F - Carmelite Friary
 G - Dominican Friary
 H - St Mary & St Mark
 J - St Augustine's Monastery
 K - St Augustine the Less
 L - St Philip's Priory
 M - St Thomas
 N - Temple Church
 O - Eremites Priory
 P - St John's Hospital
 Q - St Mary Redcliffe
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